Thursday, August 20, 2009

# 9

I have no idea, whether to go or not. It seems way too....mysterious for me. Maybe I should reject? I have no idea, and I've moved enough for one day, but still, he wanted me to come.
So for the millionth time today, I asked Lati to come with me and called Wishno.
We arrived at his house, I felt my stomach tighten by the minute.
Lati: Why are you coming here?
Me: No, we're just going to study. (Shasawee?!!)
Lati: Aah okay.
Me: Tell mama and baba that I'm at a friends house but don't say who and I'll be coming back in an hour, okay?
Lati: OOkay.
So I got out of the car and sent Razzag a message.
A minute later he got out of the door, wearing jeans and a red polo shirt. I realized I wore the same outfit only a different shirt.
Razzag: Mariaaaaam!
I just smiled, it would like really stupid if I said his name outloud.
I waved Lati and Wishno off. It was like having my own bodyguards in diguise!
I entered his house, it was breathtaking! It smelled of bukhoor and looked really cosy yet classical and eye-catching. In other words, I LOVE IT!
Me: Mashallah Razzag, ilbait iyannin!!
Razzag: 9ij? Yabeela ta'3yeer.
Me: Akeed itha inta ga3d fee 6ool 3umrik.
Razzag: Mmm, yimikin!
Me: So ahalik moo ihnee, ha?
Razzag: La2.
Me: Aaah.
Razzag: Ta3alay baraweech shay.
I followed him as he entered the kitchen.
Razzag: Gi3day bil9ala oo ana agoolich itdisheen, okay?
Me: Okay
But it sounded more like a question to me.
I kept looking around the 9ala while in sitting on the couch, bait'hum 7adda ishawiiiig mashallah!
I heard Razzag call out from the kitchen.
Razzag: Mariam, yalla ta3alay!
Me: Okay!
I entered the kitchen and saw Razzag holding a plate with a biiiig smile on his face.
On the plate was a sandwich.
Razzag: Yalla.
Me: Yalla shinu?
Razzag: Iklee!
Me: Shinu dakhla?
Razzag: Intay iklee oo ba3dain agoollich.
I held the sandwich in my hands and took a bite out of it. It was an unfamiliar taste but then a nice warm delicious flavor showed up, I had to close my eyes.
Me: 3ajeeeb! Shinu hatha?!
Razzag: Itha gitich latafleena. Hatha cheese wiya kakaw.
I just froze in my place. Shlon shay shakla illawi3 ilchabd can taste so good!
Me: Min 9ijjik?
Razzag: Ee wallah!
I just laughed and took another bite out of it.
Razzag: Li7geeni.
Me: Shinu aku shay thanee akla?
Razzag: Hahaha, la2 bas ta3alay!
I wrapped my weird sandwich up in a tissue and started eating it on the way, Razzag held the elevator door for me.
Me: Wain ray7een?
Razzag just stared at me, his dark eyes had a hint of sarcasm in them.
Razzag: Mariam, please, shush!
Me: Inzain inzain, I'm shushing up!
That made him smile.
We arrived at a floor, it was big with a small kitchen, 9ala, and I'm guessing a bedroom and a bathroom at the end. It must be Razzag's "lounge".
Me: Hathi shi8itik?
Razzag: A7ad meezat il"6ifl ilwa7eed"
Me: Ahaha, shitsawee ihnee bil'6ab6?
I sat down carefully on one of the couches.
Razzag: Chillin'
Me: 3ishtaw! Min mita oo inta "chillin'"?
Razzag: 8adeema Mariam!
Me: Moo kithrik Razzag.
Razzag sat down on the couch. He just looked at me for a while, wow, talk about awkward. I started looking at the ground and pretended to not notice, I felt a smile play his lips.
Razzag: Mariam, Mariam, Mariam.
Me: Na3am, na3am, na3am?
Razzag sighed
Razzag: Walashay... shlon '6ahrich?
Me: Zain, ashwa il7imdillah.
Razzag: Mhmm.. so?
Me: Razzag, madree shga3d itgool.
Razzag: Madree...madree shfeeni ilyom!
Me: Haha, killina!
We started chatting a bit well a lot, faj2a 6la3at ilsuwalif.
My mobile rang, it was Wishno.
Me: Aloo?
Wishno: I'm outside.
Me: Okay wait a minute.
I ended the call.
Me: Razzag, lazim aroo7 al7een.
Razzag: Lazim?!
Me: Ee gitlihum igooloon 7ag ummee oo ubooy inni barid 3ugub sa3a.
His face fell.
Me: Inshallah next time?
Razzag: inshallah.
We took the elevator and got to the door.
Me: Mashkoor Razzag.
Razzag: Intay ilmashkoora, oo deeray balich 3ala nafsich okay?
I chuckled, but it wasn't a hearty chuckle l2ana he looked so heartbreaking!
Me: Razzag please!
Razzag: Shsawait?
Me: La2 wayhik al7een yaksir ilkha6ir!
Razzag pouted his lips, I pushed him slightly.
Me: Lazim aroo7! Bye!
Razzag: Okay bye.
I returned home safe and sound. But what did I feel back there? I have no idea.


So Saturday is Ramadan, right? I'm excited! I love ramadan! And I think I'm going to be cooking, I love cooking but the thing that annoys me in cooking is when you buy the ingredients. MALA8A!! Plain torture!! I'm hoping to bake molten chocolate cake! Yumm!! So what are you going to do in Ramadan?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

# 8

This is for you, 63 ;*


On the next morning:

11:00 AM.

My family (and Lati) came to pick my stuff up and help me with the whole "getting out of the hospital" thingie. The doctor told me not to move a lot for a while, grrr!! Fa I have to stay home and watch a movie and that's it. :(. Mala8a.

We returned home oo lazim a93ad ildaray shway shway, ba8ait arki'6 min kithir ma tinarfazt!

After I lay on my bed, Lati came in with a fancy chocolate "bouquet".

Lati: The boy give me this chocolate.

Me: What boy?

Lati: The idian songs boy.

Me: Who?

I took the card from the bouquet and read it:

Il7imdilla 3ala ilsalama oo matshoofeen shar, 3abdilRazzag Al-Flani.

Awwww! 7araaam!

You get the picture.

Me: When did he give it to you?

Lati: Today, morning.

Ooooh, so he must've seen her, bas why, ya3nee, uhwa iyiy billail iwwa9il umma. Then I thought, maybe he came to say goodbye to me, bas twwahag yom shaf my fam? It does make a bit of sense.

I took the card out and told Lati to put it in the kitchen, ashwa bas ana oo 3abdallah ilee indish ilma6bakh akthar shay. Umee oo ubooy maydishoon wayid.

I looked for Razzag's number, and found it stashed neatly in my jun6a.

Message to 99######:

Razzag, thank you so much for the chocolate, you didn't need to do this!! Ee oo allah isalmik oo ilshar mayyeek. Mariam Al-Flani.

Message sent.


I kept waiting for a response, after about a minute my mobile started vibrating, One New Message.

I hit the read button.

Message from 99#######

Il3afw, shda3wa, that's the least can do! So, do you like it? Allah isalmich.

Like what? Ohh the chocolate. Awww lazim anzil ildaray.

I took my mobile with me oo nizalt ildaray shwaaay shway oo mishait laman wai9alt ilma6bakh.

There the bouquet was, all nice and wrapped up. I opened it and took a squared shaped chocolate (PS square shaped chocolated always tasted the best), took out the foil wrapper and bit into it. PURE DELIGHT!!

Message to Razzag:

LATHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH! Umbay, you have very good taste in chocolates!

I hit send.

After a minute

Message from Razzag:

LOL, afa 3alaich! Ana ilkhabeer fee ilkakaw.

My mobile rang, it was Razzag:

Me: Aloo?

Razzag: Khosh kakaw ha?

Me: Ooof 3ajeeeeb!!

Razzag: 3alaich bil3afya

Me: Allah i3afeek.

Then I had a PERFECT idea.

Me: Razzag, it7ib ilkakaw?

Razzag: Ee akeed!

Me: Ya3nee takil ay shay ilee fee kakaw?

Razzag: Ee, laish?

Me: La, makoo shay. Umm, Razzag, sorry bas lazim aroo7 al7een, akalmik 3ugub inshallah.

Razzag: Ee okay, igooloon ilyom ilba7ar 3ajeeb 7ag siba7a.

Me: Bas! Walla bu6 chabdee ildiktor!

Razzag: Haha, sorry!

Me: Akhir marra! Bye!

Razzag: Okay walla, bye.

I ended the call and called Lati, and told her to tell Wishno to be ready now. Lati brought me my purse. Umbay a77is inni so evil laish killa a6arish Lati maskeena! I owe her a LOT! I hate it laman I ask someone to do something!!

I got in the car (carefully) and went to the confectionary store about like 15 mins away from our house.

I picked my favorite chocolate, and had it wrapped in a meduim sized box, it looked so cute!! Then I wrote on the card:

Just wanted to start a chocolate war, shrayik ib hal kakaw? -Mariam Al-Flani.

I put the card carefully between the ribbon and the outer lid of the box.

I got back in the car, the whole process took me 10 minutes, I had to be really careful. Uh!!

I told Wishno to go to Razzag's house, he still remembers it, whew!

We arrived at his house, I told Lati to give it to one of the maids to give Razzag.

Lati gave it to one of the maids who was cleaning outside and I think I saw Razzag opening the front door and peeking from it. The maid told him something, and he came to get the box, he opened the note. Lati, get into the car, yallah! I thought, but she just stood there. What was she waiting for, and I wanted touestion is: Is Mariam in the car? Grrr! Bas somehow he sensed what I was feeling and went ba go now because it would be a bit awkward with Razzag and the box of chocolates. He laughed at the note and looked at the car, then at Lati and asked her a question. Of course I knew what the qck to the house instead and Lati came back to the car and we left his house to go to mine.

One New Message.

Message from Razzag:

Mmm....8awwiya Mariam, 9idtay the perfect chocolate! How can I get you a more perfect one?

LOL! I knew he'd like it! The chocolates had Razzag written all over it!

Message to Razzag:

I think the one you gave me is perfect enough.

Message from Razzag:

Ee 9aaa7!

Message to Razzag:

Wallah! Oo itha you told me no, mara7 inkhalli9!

Message from Razzag:

Ee 9a7 kalamich.

About an hour later of boredomness oo Razzag's chocolates semi-finished, Lati brought in a box and said it was for me. I saw the card:

Just one more -Razzag

I laughed, he wasn't serious!! We were taking chocolate WAY too serious than the normal standards.

I opened the box and there lay 12 chocolates, all perfectly shaped and soo brown. I brought one up into my mouth and it melted. This was sheer perfectness. AMAZING!!

Message to Razzag:

You're killing me here!!

And set aside and waited for a response.

Message from Razzag:

With what, your love for chocolates?

Message to Razzag:

I guess!

Message from Razzag:

So I guess that's what they mean, death by chocolate! Mariam, do you think you can stop by at my house I have something to show you.

Message to Razzag:

Okay, when?

Message from Razzag:



Sorry readers, I know I know, I hate this part too oo maku wayid action LOL! But I'll make it up to you in the next post. Get ready!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

# 7

Noor called me and came to visit me in the hospital (maligatni biljam3a so she of course felt I was sick). But it was just me, my family, Noor and Lati :D. And Razzag after 8.

Razzag kept visiting, we talked mostly about movies and actors and stuff, he even bought me a mini dvd player! I spent about 4 days in the hospital in total, which was good and left at the 5th in the morning.

On the 4th day at 8, Razzag entered and sat on his usual chair.

Razzag: Ha, shrayich bil filim?

Me: Walla lo 7a6eenlee ildetector mal ilgalb chan ikhtar3aw ilnurses min ilas'hum!

We were talking about scary movies and I told him how the exorcist was lame oo 7ada bayi5 oo sa5eef, fa il2akh galee a6ali3 Child's play, itha ana ma akhaf. Fa 6arrasha li oo of course I told my folks that the dvd player was mine kan 3ndee min ziman (I know it's wrong lying to them bas shasawee?!). So I watched it and it was the creepiest thing EVER! Now I'm scared of dolls, thanks to him!

Razzag: Gal3itich!

Me: Shakoo!?

Razzag: Ana khift min the exorcist!

Me: Walla ma77ad galik itkhaf minna!

Razzag: Oo ma77ad galich itkhafeen min Child's Play!
I laughed, oookay he shut me up!
Razzag: So, bti6li3een bachir inshallah ha?
Me: Yep, inshallah. Malait min ilga3da!
Razzag: 3ayal btisbi7een?
He said, with an evil smile
Me: Haha, la2 ll2asaf, walla widdi bas magdar!
Razzag: Inshallah tisbi7een, ma3alaich!
Me: Inshallah!
I don't want to stop swimming, no way!
Me: 3ayal makoo movie talks ha?
Akeed ra7 olah 3alaih, he was the one reason I sort of wanted to stay longer for.
Razzag: Shda3wa?! Ana 5anazlig bil7amam siba7a oo intay 3ugbi, oo chithee.
I laughed, the guy was hillarious!
Me: La2 walla min 9iji.
Razzag: La latkhafeen, hatha ra8mee.
Woooah, oook. He wrote it on a piece of paper.
Razzag: Itdigeen laman ti6li3een, okay?
Me: Okay, mashkoor!
I gave him a big smile, he was soo sweet!
Razzag: Mariam, ra7 tikriheeni akeed al7een bas rab3i yabooni bildiwwaniya 3ugub ni9 sa3a, oo akhaf il6ireej za7ma falazim a77arik min al7een.
Me: Aaah, okay, la ma2a3a6lik 3ayal! Mashkoor 3ala ildvd.
I was sad, and it showed. I gave him his movie back.
Razzag: Khali 3ndich, matwa8a3 bashoofa marra ilthanya.
Me: Ya3nee ana bashoofa?!
We both laughed, I handed it to him.
Razzag: Mt2akda ma tabeena?
Me: Mt2akditain ba3ad!
Razzag chuckled. I just love the sound of it...
Razzag: Okay 3ayal, say bye to Chucky!
Me: Bye forever!
We both laughed.
Razzag: Matshoofeen shar Mariam, ashoofich inshallah soon.
Me: Ilshar mayeek, ee inshallah.
I held on to his phone number really tight, afraid of losing it...

Friday, August 14, 2009

And she returns...

So sorry to my followers (I doubt you guys are still here :S). I took a long break and it's about time I get my fingers working!! Inshallah I'll post faster than usual l2ana seriously, I have NOTHING to do. Anyway, I'm gonna start writing now! Ciao! ;*

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I couldn't believe I fell for Fai9al, of all people, makoo illa Fai9al?! This was wrong.
The following day:
10:00 am

I woke up to the smell of coffee. Mmm...I need Starbucks!

I picked out a pink Pink hoodie, a pair of jeans and sport shoes, I wanted to feel comfy.

6ala3t min ilbait oo ri7na (Me, Lati and Wishno) to Starbucks ilee killa inroo7la. Ashwa, no sign of Fai9al, things must be really weird between us, I got my coffee oo radait ilbait.


4:30 pm

Boredom strikes again, I thought of going swimming, why not?!

I got into my swimsuit, wore my flipflops and wrapped a towel around me.

3abdallah was in the 9ala.

3abdallah: Chinnich wayid 3aysha ildor?

Me: Fee a7ad 6alab rayik?

He shut up, hehe that got him!

I decided to swim 100 laps, which is equivilant to one or two hours. I was in my "exercise mood". And caffeine helped a lot!

I set my alarm on 6:30

I swam and swam and swam, it was awesome!

My alarm went off, it was six-thirty already?! I stopped swimming oo seeda ri7t a6la3 min il7amam siba7a (I did everything simulatneously) , 7asait ibdokha oo everything suddenly turned black.


??:?? ??

I woke up and everything was blurry at first and then it all was clear.

Me: Yuma?

Mom: Ha Mariam! Shlonich?! Shit7iseen fee?!

Me: Madree, wainee fee?

3abdallah: Dar ilshifa.

It was THAT serious? I couldn't feel a thing right now, it's as if my whole body was numb.

Me: Laish, sh9ar? Adree inee 6i7t '3ashyana bas sh9ar bil'6ab6?

Mom: Yom 6i7tay, 6i7tay 3ala 7afat il7amam siba7a oo 6agaitay '6ahrich 7ail. Ashw ina 3abdallah rayi7 ishoofich.

Dad (just entered the room): Ha Mariooma, ga3adtay?

Me: Ee, bas a7is inee shwaya ta3bana, cham ilsa3a?

Dad: Ilsa3a al7een sab3 oo ni9. Namay irta7ay 7abeebty, ikhthay ra7tich, aham shay 9i77itich.

Mobile 3abdallah ren.

3abdallah: Hala la zaina tawha tig3ad, la bas jar7 khafeef galaw bikhaloonha laman i9eer kilshay tamam, inshallah.

Me: 3abdallah kha6ib?

My mom and dad cracked up really hard,

Mom: Namay Mariam, namay.

I felt REALLY tired that my mind doesn't exist.

I slept for what seemed like half an hour. I woke up to see my mom trying so hard not to fall asleep.

Me: Yuma, itha intay ta3bana riday ilbait.

Mom: La la, killa wa7id.

Me: Yuma 9adgeenee.

3abdallah was there watching TV.

3abdallah: Ee ana awa9lich.

Mom: La adig 3ala Wishno.

3abdallah: Yuma, ubooy ra7 ma3ah, nisaitay? Oo shaklich ta3bana, khanawa9lich. Mariam il7imdilla wayid a7san, oo ilmstashfa ideeroon balha 3alaiha, maikhalif.

Me: Ee walla, ma7is ibshay al7een, itha ba'3ait shay 3ndee ilnursat barra, lat7ateen.

That sort of calmed her down.

Mom: Ee inzain, bas itha 9ar shay digay 3alay, inzain?

Me: Inshallah, bas latgooleen 7ag a77ad inee hnee, b9ara7a malee khilg nas iyoonlee, at3ab akthar.

They got out of the room, now I was alone, shasawee? I tried watching TV bas kan 7adda malee8. I didn't want to sleep l2ana sleeping faj2a makes me kind of sick.

Ga3adt ashoof ilnas imiroon oo half-watching Boring TV, I saw a tall tanned guy in a dishdasha passing my room, he and I locked eyes and passed my room. I felt him taking a couple of steps back. It was the one and only Fai- just kidding! The one and only 3abdilrazzag.

What was he doing here?

Me and 3abdilrazzag (at the same time): Inta-y shitsawee-n ihnee?!

We laughed a bit.

3abdilrazzag: Ana yay awwa9il ilwalda, bint khalat'ha tawha walda oo gilt aroo7 awa9ilha oo a6il 3alaiha.

Me: Mashalla! il7imdillah 3ala salamat'ha! Shyabat?

3abdilrazzag: Allah isalmich, yabat bint.

Me: Shsamoha!?

3abdilrazzag: Samoha Dana, al7een aham shay intay, sh9ar?!

Me: Il'6ahir 6i7t '3ashyana yom a6la3 min il7amam siba7a oo 6agait '6ahree bil7afa. Mathkir shay!

3abdilrazzag: A77, salamat, matshoofeen shar!

Me: Ilshar mayyeek, Allah isalmik.

He took a seat at the chair ilee ijabilnee.

3abdilrazzag: Mita bti6li3een?

Me: Walla madree, chinna lama kilshay i9eer okay, inshallah.

3abdilrazzag: Ee inshallah.

I looked at what I was wearing, hospital clothes, we3! I'm pretty sure I look like crap right now.

3abdilrazzag: Mariam, chinnich '6a3fa wayid?

Me: La? 3ad ma a7is.

3abdilrazzag: La walla shaklich '6a3fa, 3ayal wain ilahal?

Me: Tawhum yi6li3oon, umee maskeena t3abat, 3abdallah ukhooy wa99alha ilbait.

3abdallah: Ee, 3ayal fee a7ad biyeelich?

Me: Walla madree, gitl 7ag umee latgool 7ag a7ad.

3abdallah: Laish?

Me: Malee khilg a7ad, adree abbi6 ilchabd bas madree, suwalif oo z3aj, magdar! Ya3nee, sa3at isawoonha chinha tasyoora, moo wa7da tawha 6ay7a aw shay.

3abdallah laughed, his laugh was amazing! Not loud, not quiet; just perfect.

3abdallah: Ee oo fee 7areem iyoon oo yishriboon chay oo yakloon oo isolfoon ma chinna wa7da tabee itnam. 8a9ib yilgonlihum yam3at 7areem yityami3oon feeha.

SO TRUE! I just had to laugh!

Me: Ee, bil'6ab6! Shaklik 3ndik khibra!

3abdilrazzag: Ooo, cham marra t9eer feenee shay, bas al7een il7mdillah 3agalt oo rikadt.

Me: 3abdilrazzag, sorry bas i9eer it9ik ilbab, ilhawa min ilmamar i2athee. (Wow, I'm so picky!)

3abdilrazzag: La shda3wa, 3ndee su2al.

He closed the door and sat down again.

Me: Ee?

3abdilrazzag: Laish tsameenee 3abdilrazzag? Broo7a ismee sh6oola!

I laughed, I was slightly embarrased.

Me: Madree. 3ayal shasameek?

3abdilrazzag: Razzag, kaifich ilee tabeena!

Me: Okay, Razzag!

"Razzag": Moo a7san?

Me: Makoo farg.

Razzag chuckled: 3an ilkalak!

It was my turn to laugh.

Me: Okay okay, Razzag a5af min 3abdilrazzag.

Razzag: 3ayal shlon?

Me: Khalaaaa9, Razzag! Walla!

Razzag chuckled: Ee ta3alay, shlon ilmurabiya Lati? (He had this puzzled look on his face, the one where he isn't sure if he got the name right) And he said "murabiya" instead of "khadma", so polite!

Me: Ee Lati, walla zaina il7imdilla, tsalim 3alaik!

Razzag: Allah isalimha.

We both laughed and watched TV, not really watching, kan ma3indinna shay ingoola fa makoo shay '3air ilTV to make us feel less awkward or something.

Razzag: Shbitsaween ihnee? Shaklich ma3indich shay itsaweena.

Me: 3ndee iltelvizion.

Razzag: Bes?!

Me: Ee laish?

Razzag: Ma tabeen laptop?

Me: Haha, la mashkoor, 3ashan adookh zyada!

Razzag: Laish intay al7een daykha?

Me: Moo daykha bes inna min9adma, kilshay faj2a.

Razzag: Ee, 3araft, Akrah halshi3oor.

We stayed silent for about half a minute. Awkward!

Razzag: 3ayal ma a6awwil 3alaich. Please stay a little longer!

Me: Mashkoor Razzag.

Razzag: 3ala shinu?

He smiled at me and left.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is for you, Hend ;**


11:00 am

It was Friday, kan our "big" relative zwara, where we would see our 2nd and 3rd cousins and practically everyone, in umee Badriya's chalet. Noor is my 3rd cousin, she was invited, bas malha khilg itroo7.

Me (on the phone while picking out my clothes): Noor please ta3alay, it won't be the same without you!

Noor: Malee 5ilg abee anaaaam!

Me: Nooro! Yalla 3ad, 3ashanee ta3alay!

Noor: Okay, fine, itha giltay kilma zyada mara7 ayee.

Me: Okay! See you there!

I picked out a gray dress, ishawwig shekla chinna mal ba7ar, kan 7afar falibast ma3a a cardigan. It had a weird colorl louna tan madri shlon oo ma3a ballerina flats bes sporty its black oo bedon jan6a. Moo lazim ya3ni sha7i6 feeha? Bes yibt moblily oo rifa3t sha3ri 3angoo9. I got dressed and ready, ri7t assalim 3ala my parents.

Mom: Mariam, msaween i7na lasagna mawjood 3ala il6awla, yibee ma3ach please, manigdar insheela min kithir ilmwa3een

Me: Mmm lasagna!

Dad: Oo Mariooma yibeelee ma3ach bu6il may, 3afya.

I got the bottle of water and helped with the mwa3een preperations. 3abdallah walked in.

3abdallah: Ilsalam. Shfeekum khabba?

Me: Ilyom ilzwara.

3abdallah: Oo i7na kil sboo3 wainna fee?

Me: La2 halmara ilzwara zwara.

3abdallah: ILYOM?!

Me: Ee, laish?

3abdallah: 3abalee sboo3 ilyay!

Mom: 3abdallah, yallah bsir3a lata2akhar!

Dad: Ma77ad gala?

Me: Madree 3anna.

I love it when 3abdallah gets late, ikhali9 ibsir3a chinna 3nda superpowers or something!

We left the house at like 12:15 or something like that.

We arrived at the chalet, there were LOTS of cars, and I mean LOTS!

Dakhalna chan ashoof a LOT of people, shlon assalim 3alaihum killihum?!

Ri7t oo salamt 3ala ilee i3arfa, which were about %75 of the guests. Kint baroo7 adawir Noor chan umee tgoolee inna bt3arifnee 3ala nas oo stuff like that. Oo I got a lot of "Mashallah, kbarat!" It's annoying.

I found Noor sitting in the couch with Fai9al, chatting. WTH?!

(There were lots of people, so people wouldn't really recognize Noor and Faisal.)

Me: Ilsalam, Nooro ta3alay digeega bas bakalmich.

Noor and Fai9al: W3alaikum ilsalam

Noor: Ee okay, I'll be back Fa9ool

Me (talking in a low voice): Ashoofich miyana ma3a hal Fai9al? Nooro please be careful.

Noor: Chillax, shda3wa, bes ga3da asolif ma3ah.

Me: Ee I know bes akhaf 3alaich.

Noor: Ee shda3wa Marioom, bas ba2ilitch, t7ibeena?

Me:Laa 7asha!Bes uhoo shwaya player, i3arif yil3ab ibmukh ilbnt oo ifurra

Noor: Aa okay, yallah baroo7 adawir 3alai, madree wain ikhtifa.

I went to sit with my cousins.

Noufa: Bes latinson tyeeboon ilposter okay?

Shaiookha: Ee bas man3arif kil rabi3ha 3ashan na3zmhum

Lulu: La2 ana a3rfhum, bas a7tach her mobile 3ashan adi3 3alaihum

Noufa: Okay, good. So we're all set inshallah. Umbay a7is'ha BITYIN 3ala iltheme!

Lulu: Ee magdar an6ir ashoof ilexpression ilee ibwayihha!

All set for what? And poster? I was definitely clueless.

Me: Shfeekum? Sh9ayir?

Me: Haw, shfeekum?!

Nouf: Mariam, ta3alay ma3ay, abee ashrab shay.

Me: Okay (I knew this meant something serious)

We walked to have a glass of water, Noor was still sitting and chatting with Fai9al, bes like I said before, kan wayid za7ma you couldn't really see them well.

Noufa: Marioom, nisaina ingoolich inna binsawee surprise party 7ag Badoora. Uhwa 3ugub yomain walla Marioom sorry inna magilnalich! Bes min ziman moo shayfeenich oo insha'3alna, you know?


Noufa: Bes you're coming malee shi'8il! Abeech itsaween your famous Peanut Butter cookies!

Me: Haha Noufa, I miss you walla akeed I will! Wee bes Badoora 3ndaha allergy min ilpeanut butter, 9a7?

Noufa: Wee 9a7! Inzain sawway hatha oo ilee fee cinnamon, mmm!

Me: Snicker doodle?

Noufa: Ee!

Me: Inshallah! Noufa walla 7adee walhana 3alaikum, laish 9irna chithee? We were so inseparable!

Noufa: M, you know Lulu mat7ib tig3ad ma3a Noor oo bainhum history.

Me: La ma3arif l2ana ma77ad galee shinu, bes kaifa, I don't want to know and I don't care about what had happened. Al7een abeenna inrid in9eer sisters.

Noufa: Mariam, i7na 6ool 3umirna sisters! I love you! Mwaaaah!

Me: Aaaay intay oo tbiwsich,t3arfeen itma6kheen ilwa7d!

Girls: Shfeekum!? Sh9ayir?!

So they saw us hugging and they started hugging us too, it was kind of funny! Ga3adna ana oo my cousins oo kilwa7da itgool sorry 7ag ilthanya and the next minute you know, FI9ALNA! We were watching the people who came and was fun!

Me: You guys, in7i9art! Baroo7 il7ammam!

Lulu: Marioom, ib6ireejich malee khilg agoom, yeebay mobailee min '3urfat Mama Badriyah

Me: Kisal kisaal!

Noor 2: Oo ana yeebeelee kitkat please!

Lulu: Oo ba3ad ana may barid!

On the way to the B-room (Waay in7i9art!) khala9t fa tiwa'6ait 3ashan ma 9alait il3a9ir, ri7t '3urfat Mama Badriyah. I saw Fai9al i9alee, waay '3areeba, ya3nee madri matwa8a3ta chithee!Ni6arta ikhali9, yom khala9 chan ashoof wayha min9idim inna shafnee, la2 oo mibtasma ba3ad!

Me: Allah yit8abal.

Fai9al:Ameen, shitsaween ihnee?

Me: Anam, ya3nee shayifnee maska siyda!

Fai9al: Haha, ya3nee bas...

Me: Yalla barra, min 9ijee!

Fai9al: You look beautiful today, as usual.

Me: Shukran..(I felt a slight blush, OMG laish gallbee ga3d i6ig? 3ad hatha Fai9al, what's happening to me!?)

A moment of silence....la2 shga3d i9eer shda3wa 3allay.