Thursday, August 20, 2009

# 9

I have no idea, whether to go or not. It seems way too....mysterious for me. Maybe I should reject? I have no idea, and I've moved enough for one day, but still, he wanted me to come.
So for the millionth time today, I asked Lati to come with me and called Wishno.
We arrived at his house, I felt my stomach tighten by the minute.
Lati: Why are you coming here?
Me: No, we're just going to study. (Shasawee?!!)
Lati: Aah okay.
Me: Tell mama and baba that I'm at a friends house but don't say who and I'll be coming back in an hour, okay?
Lati: OOkay.
So I got out of the car and sent Razzag a message.
A minute later he got out of the door, wearing jeans and a red polo shirt. I realized I wore the same outfit only a different shirt.
Razzag: Mariaaaaam!
I just smiled, it would like really stupid if I said his name outloud.
I waved Lati and Wishno off. It was like having my own bodyguards in diguise!
I entered his house, it was breathtaking! It smelled of bukhoor and looked really cosy yet classical and eye-catching. In other words, I LOVE IT!
Me: Mashallah Razzag, ilbait iyannin!!
Razzag: 9ij? Yabeela ta'3yeer.
Me: Akeed itha inta ga3d fee 6ool 3umrik.
Razzag: Mmm, yimikin!
Me: So ahalik moo ihnee, ha?
Razzag: La2.
Me: Aaah.
Razzag: Ta3alay baraweech shay.
I followed him as he entered the kitchen.
Razzag: Gi3day bil9ala oo ana agoolich itdisheen, okay?
Me: Okay
But it sounded more like a question to me.
I kept looking around the 9ala while in sitting on the couch, bait'hum 7adda ishawiiiig mashallah!
I heard Razzag call out from the kitchen.
Razzag: Mariam, yalla ta3alay!
Me: Okay!
I entered the kitchen and saw Razzag holding a plate with a biiiig smile on his face.
On the plate was a sandwich.
Razzag: Yalla.
Me: Yalla shinu?
Razzag: Iklee!
Me: Shinu dakhla?
Razzag: Intay iklee oo ba3dain agoollich.
I held the sandwich in my hands and took a bite out of it. It was an unfamiliar taste but then a nice warm delicious flavor showed up, I had to close my eyes.
Me: 3ajeeeb! Shinu hatha?!
Razzag: Itha gitich latafleena. Hatha cheese wiya kakaw.
I just froze in my place. Shlon shay shakla illawi3 ilchabd can taste so good!
Me: Min 9ijjik?
Razzag: Ee wallah!
I just laughed and took another bite out of it.
Razzag: Li7geeni.
Me: Shinu aku shay thanee akla?
Razzag: Hahaha, la2 bas ta3alay!
I wrapped my weird sandwich up in a tissue and started eating it on the way, Razzag held the elevator door for me.
Me: Wain ray7een?
Razzag just stared at me, his dark eyes had a hint of sarcasm in them.
Razzag: Mariam, please, shush!
Me: Inzain inzain, I'm shushing up!
That made him smile.
We arrived at a floor, it was big with a small kitchen, 9ala, and I'm guessing a bedroom and a bathroom at the end. It must be Razzag's "lounge".
Me: Hathi shi8itik?
Razzag: A7ad meezat il"6ifl ilwa7eed"
Me: Ahaha, shitsawee ihnee bil'6ab6?
I sat down carefully on one of the couches.
Razzag: Chillin'
Me: 3ishtaw! Min mita oo inta "chillin'"?
Razzag: 8adeema Mariam!
Me: Moo kithrik Razzag.
Razzag sat down on the couch. He just looked at me for a while, wow, talk about awkward. I started looking at the ground and pretended to not notice, I felt a smile play his lips.
Razzag: Mariam, Mariam, Mariam.
Me: Na3am, na3am, na3am?
Razzag sighed
Razzag: Walashay... shlon '6ahrich?
Me: Zain, ashwa il7imdillah.
Razzag: Mhmm.. so?
Me: Razzag, madree shga3d itgool.
Razzag: Madree...madree shfeeni ilyom!
Me: Haha, killina!
We started chatting a bit well a lot, faj2a 6la3at ilsuwalif.
My mobile rang, it was Wishno.
Me: Aloo?
Wishno: I'm outside.
Me: Okay wait a minute.
I ended the call.
Me: Razzag, lazim aroo7 al7een.
Razzag: Lazim?!
Me: Ee gitlihum igooloon 7ag ummee oo ubooy inni barid 3ugub sa3a.
His face fell.
Me: Inshallah next time?
Razzag: inshallah.
We took the elevator and got to the door.
Me: Mashkoor Razzag.
Razzag: Intay ilmashkoora, oo deeray balich 3ala nafsich okay?
I chuckled, but it wasn't a hearty chuckle l2ana he looked so heartbreaking!
Me: Razzag please!
Razzag: Shsawait?
Me: La2 wayhik al7een yaksir ilkha6ir!
Razzag pouted his lips, I pushed him slightly.
Me: Lazim aroo7! Bye!
Razzag: Okay bye.
I returned home safe and sound. But what did I feel back there? I have no idea.


  1. i just read ur story 3ajeeeba!
    im loving it!
    razzag ishawg zooo8a!!:p
    loved the post next post please!!!

  2. Batsallaf Razzaag menich ;p Abi ElSandwich ;p

  3. Identity: Thank you so much!! :D Inshallah ;D
    Majmou3at-Ensan: LOL!! He's yours 3ayal ;D. EE 3ajeeb walla! Tara sahil itsaweena, bas i5thay glass cheese oo 76ay 3alay chocolate chips oo 7i6ee bil toaster and viola! :D

  4. waaay! razzag thakarni ayam el madrisa;p lol there was this girl takil nutella 9aj with mayo. itghaledna ana ou my friends laish kina nakel chicken with mayo. lool!!

    once again Love it

  5. Hello=)
    Tawni I read all ur posts..and I love where the story is going =) lookin forward for more =)

  6. i just finished readin all ur posts nd ....AMAZING! plzz post sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon :D:D:D:D::D:D